Welcome to Circle B Home Center of Indianola Circle   B   Home   Center   is   a   supplier   of   quality   building   materials   to   all   rural   and   urban   consumers;   to handyman   contractors,   DIY’ers,   home   builders,   and   commercial   contractors.         Our   desire   is   to   take care   of   any   and   all   building   material   needs   you   may   have.      Our   mission   has   always   been   to   take   care of   you   and   your   business   first   and   in   doing   so   we   know   our   business   will   handle   itself.      We   will always work to continue to improve our services and the quality and selection of the products we sell. Our   team   of   professionals   possess   an   in-depth   product   knowledge,   coupled   with   years   of   experience to   better   assist   you   with   your   material   needs.      Stop   in   for   a   free   estimate   on   any   project.      We   promise that   you   will   be   pleasantly   surprised   by   our   competitive   pricing,   our   quality   products   and   our   service that   can’t   be   beat.      So   whether   it’s   some   2x4’s,   sheetrock,   roofing,   siding   or   an   entire   house   or commercial package we look forward to serving you!
Est. 1965
Circle B Home Center of Indianola 1700 N. Jefferson Indianola, IA  50125 (515) 961 - 5381
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